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After training in Hatton Garden, Beazie moved to Thailand in 2005. Having inhabited Bangkok's world of exclusive gem traders for 7 years, Beazie has unparalleled access to the finest selection of the world's precious stones. Her designs are as unique as the gems she uses and reflect her immediately recognisable style.

Alongside her fine jewellery, Beazie has a range of offbeat, wearable brass and silver pieces, plated in all manner of finishes from 14k gold to jet black, rainbow enamels and neons.

Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Emma Watson, Alexa Chung and Elle McPherson have her designs and Beazie’s pieces have been featured in high profile media from The FT How to Spend It and The New Review to WWD, Harper’s Bazaar and InStyle.

Beazie has had her primary workshop in London's Mayfair for 17 years and also works extensively with a Japanese goldsmith who has been sculpting precious metals for over 40 years in Bangkok.

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